It all started with our pups, Chewy & Cede!

Bunch of Barks is a small pet store based in Detroit, Michigan that adds a special touch and uniqueness to its brand by baking all-natural and personalized treats for your pets. How cute is that?! A biscuit with your pup's name engraved on it. The owners of this store started baking their own treats and using them for training their dogs commands like Sit, Down, Come, Stay and many more! When Chewy and Cede expressed their love and obsession for our recipe, they began to offer treats to friends, family and the local community. They thought it was important to offer treats that are tasty, natural and safe for pets to consume.

The owners of Bunch of Barks takes pride in being PAWrents to both amazing pups and treats both with the same love and care as you would for humans. Chewy and Cede experienced breeding 11 puppies during the summer of 2021, so they added a new addition to the family and her name is Minnie! Check out our Instagram for #MinnieMondays coming soon as we train our new pup during her puppy stage, using our Bunch of Barks training treats.